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The Outer Banks Scenic Byway Advisory Committee offers the following vision for the Byway corridor and Byway communities. The vision provides a test for plan recommendations and future actions: Will this action help achieve our vision for the Byway?

In 2020, connections to each other, this place, and our heritage will be strong. Connections will be expressed by shared local knowledge and stories and respect for the past, ourselves, nature’s bounty, and our concerns for the future.

Our culture remains as alive and adaptive and is still unique and connected to the environment. Byway businesses, our environment, and our communities will be sustained by deliberate commitment of investment dollars and time.

True, community-based heritage tourism will be a mission of visitor programs.

Entrepreneurial “hands-on heritage” will be a part of the visitor’s experience and the resident’s quality of life. This new emphasis in our communities will help to perpetuate our heritage.

Future generations will be able to choose to live and work in Byway communities.

We will all still enjoy the simple pleasures of this unique place – the endless sunsets, sleeping under the stars, the unique and unending flashes of light from our lighthouses, and the smell of salt air and tidal flats.